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Patients who were diagnosed with heart disease playing outside a AdventHealth Cardiovascular Institute

Real Stories From The Heart

Living proof. It’s right here. Real people who put their trust in our expertise and whole-person care are alive today to share their inspiring stories.

Finding Peace with the Right Team

Karen, a young mother, struggled with chronic blood clots for years until she received the diagnosis of PH. After traveling to Orlando from Miami for the expert team at AdventHealth, she finally felt a sense of peace and hope.


Overcoming The Odds

Mario Luca lives to tell his incredible story of surviving a life-threatening lung disease. Thankful for his physicians who never gave up, he’s now back to living a normal life.


A Gift Of Life

Thanks to the life-giving gift of a donor and the physical, emotional, and spiritual support from his transplant team, John Allen found peace along with a new heart.


A Grateful Heart

Unable to afford follow-up care after suffering a heart attack, Wanda is forever grateful for the care and support she received from the Trina Hidalgo Heart Care Center.


Blessed Beyond Measure

Suzanne was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation after waking up with a racing heart. Thanks to the whole-person care she received at AdventHealth, she’s healthy and happily enjoying her family.


A Life Fully Restored

Michelle Mooring feels truly blessed. After being diagnosed with myocarditis, her health and family life are stronger and better than ever thanks to a life-saving procedure.